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Currently, the plan is to release all ten episodes of Loose Circuit (the complete first season), completely for free, on this site. Starting October 2, 2017, a new segment of Loose Circuit will appear Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week, with occasional exceptions. The series will conclude in late February, 2018.

If you enjoy my work, but can’t or don’t want to purchase any of my books right now, that’s fine! Word of mouth is the best way to support me. If you enjoy this serial, let others know, and invite them to come read it as well! My main goal with Loose Circuit is to build my readership and, hopefully, find more people who enjoy my writing.

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If you’d like to purchase Loose Circuit, you can’t (currently) since I’m keeping it available for free – however, I do have other published work. If you like fantasy, I have a completed fantasy trilogy out now, and if you prefer science fiction, consider setting $3.99 aside for Supremacy’s Shadow, my “grimsnark” espionage SF thriller, which will be released at Farpoint on February 9, 2018. Finally, if you’d like to read some Loose Circuit prequels along with all my published short stories from 2011-2016 (and some bonus stories!) you can purchase my anthology, Simulation Disorder, and make me happy.

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